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New legislation brings higher taxes

The UK government is set to introduce new legislation around Off-Payroll Working. IR35 expert, Jonathan Colligan, looks at how these changes will create discord within the financial ecosystem and offers advice on growing your business through such challenging times.

15th Jan, 2020



Travel industry set for long-haul recovery

Over the past year, travel has become synonymous with transmission. Nationwide redundancies, increasing costs, and changing restrictions will all impact the runway to recovery. Sunnier times may lie ahead, but it will take more than a green light to save the travel industry in a post-pandemic climate.

How have UK breweries survived the pandemic?

The gradual reopening of pubs and bars is a welcome relief for many in the hospitality industry. Still, it is important to acknowledge some fundamental changes that have occurred over the past year and the lasting impact of the lockdown measures.

Vertical Farming reaches new highs and new lows in the fight against the next pandemic

With the spread of a rapidly growing population reducing arable land whilst increasing the likelihood of another pandemic, the UK government is investing millions of pounds into the development of vertical farming.

Innovation is at the heart of the Health and Fitness Industry

Entrepreneurs have adapted their businesses to cope with the global pandemic. R&D tax credits are now rewarding these companies for their innovative ideas and giving them the chance to grow bigger and better.

UK in the fast lane to become global leader in battery technologies

As Britain accelerates towards a cleaner and greener transport infrastructure, businesses are being encouraged to develop their own innovative light bulb moments in the hope that they will illuminate the way to electrification.

How to Create an Innovative Culture in Your Business

Innovation is rarely due to chance and to innovate, companies must have an environment that encourages and champions it. Discover our top tips for creating an innovative culture in your business.

Are you Innovating?

Innovation is omnipresent. It's everywhere! It's not specific to any industry, sector or size of bus. Still unsure if what your business has done counts as innovation? Read this to discover five innovation myths and why you shouldn’t believe them...

Hope these are not your reasons!

Get to know top 4 reasons- why businesses don't claim R&D tax relief and how Areande, can help innovative companies to claim this incentive quickly and easily.

Impact of COVID-19 on SME's

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the economy significantly. Areande, a tax relief firm based in the heart of Manchester, have helped businesses tap into a new source of funding.

Case Studies

Client claimed by developing a revolutionary new drinks container

Environmental innovations are growing as more companies take notice of the climate crisis. Learn how our client made a successful Areande claim for their unique concept.

The Changing Landscape of Architecture

Working with so many different clients and companies, Architecture firms are laying the building blocks of innovation. Utilising new materials, developing design software or finding new ways of building homes are all eligible criteria for claiming government support.

Food producer in East Anglia gets £36,000 in Areande

In the food industry, innovation can happen at any stage of the process. Here’s how our client found a novel way to keep products fresh during transport and was awarded £36,000 in Areande as a result.

Collaboration is the foundation of Innovation

Accountants know the inner workings of their client’s businesses and are best placed to identify possible cases for R&D tax relief. That’s why many accountants have turned to Areande to harness our expertise in simplifying the process and maximising the claims value.


Innovation within the fashion industry is not purely about catwalk trends and double page spreads. Companies are developing materials, finding sustainable alternatives to chemicals and adapting processes to more environmentally friendly models.

Manchester construction company claim a total of £50k in innovation

Construction is one of the many industries that our sector experts can help with. Discover how one of our clients, a Manchester-based construction company, was able to make a £50,000 Areande claim