Bedford-based architecture firm gets £86k in innovation tax relief

Generally, architecture firms don’t know that they are eligible to claim innovation tax relief. However, many carry out innovative work and could be able to make an Areande claim.  Our unique system makes Areande such an easy process; we can manage your claim while you develop new ideas.

Ways that architects can encourage innovation:

It is essential that architects engage with the public and community through working with planning departments, end-users, and community groups.  The goal is that by engaging with all these different groups, architects can encourage idea sharing and involve all parties in the building process as it takes shape.

Engage the community

Seize every opportunity

Both internal research and education initiatives empower architects to develop innovative ideas and approaches that can be applied to current and future projects.  It can be beneficial to consider investing in research projects where the results can be shared with staff and students. If architecture firms prioritise innovation at every level, better buildings – and in turn better businesses – could result.

One of our clients, a Bedford-based architecture firm, did just that, creating a new way for construction companies to build homes.  These energy-efficient homes focus on the design process and deciding which development plan is the best to use.  The company developed software that can analyse whether a house design will be energy efficient, which has helped the housing market become more eco-friendly.

The company was able to claim back £86,000 in Areande for this innovative project.  They have already started investing this money back into creating new design processes and building materials.