Food producer in East Anglia gets £36,000 in Areande

We came across a food producer based in East Anglia that discovered a new way to keep their products fresh while in transit.  The business provides a range of poultry products for supermarkets and restaurants and came across a problem when transporting their goods.  A new partnership with a supermarket chain in the Middle East meant that they had to take their food across even further distances.

They found that their products didn’t maintain their freshness after thousands of miles of transport.  The company needed to find a solution that wouldn't disrupt their supply chain or compromise the standard of their products

After some investigation, they decided to look into packaging. They discovered a material that they thought could work.  The material typically had medical applications and so had to be changed so that it could be used for food.  The food producer worked with a packaging company and university researchers to develop the right solution.

They ran a trial and found that their poultry products remained much fresher for longer.  The new packaging enabled them to transport their food around the world, which optimised their potential for global partnerships. The packaging company was a former client of ours and sent the food producer our way.

We helped them to claim £36,000 in innovation tax relief.  They didn’t realise that they had innovated by adapting the material so it could be used in food packaging.  The money they received has gone back into their business, and they keep thinking of new ways to innovate.