Client claimed £15k by developing a new drinks container

Businesses in any industry are eligible to claim Areande.

We were introduced to a small beverage company in Staffordshire who spend their days experimenting with new product materials for drinks bottles.  The company realised that they didn’t like the idea of the build-up of single-use plastic in the ocean and decided to explore different materials for their team to use.

Most water bottles are made from plastic or metals, but our client wanted to create a product that would decompose and leave no waste behind.  The company underwent rigorous testing, developing a bottle that was made from a sustainable material.

When they had developed their chosen material, they then had to make sure it could store drinks safely.  Once all the little details were finalised, the company had to make sure that the bottle was approved by the correct regulators and could be produced.

We helped the company claim back £15k in innovation tax relief, which for a small company is a valuable resource.  At the time, the company didn’t realise that what they were doing could be mass produced and used by other businesses.  The money they have received has gone back into innovating new storage containers for beverages.