Fashion company claims over £30K in innovation tax relief

Only 1% of businesses claim Areande, and we are trying to show that it’s not just for science and technology.  One of the technology companies that we helped to claim innovation tax relief put us in contact with one of their clients. Their client is a clothing brand who are revitalising the fashion industry.

Current innovations in the fashion industry:

Kapok fibres

The kapok tree can be naturally grown without the use of pesticides and insecticides and offers a sustainable alternative to crops such as cotton.  Kapok also requires much less water than cotton in clothing production. Some textiles manufacturers use kapok to produce materials including natural yarns, fillings and fabrics.

Binder chemicals

A new technology has been created that offers a sustainable alternative to binder chemicals that attach finishes to a fabric.  This new process uses technology to embed finishes directly into the fabric. This protects both the end-user and the environment from the leaking of hazardous chemicals.

The company we were put in touch with is promoting the circular economy model using technology to connect big fashion brands with secondary sellers.  This technology allows big fashion companies to resell, donate or recycle their past clothing designs with the click of a button.

This fashion company has

1. Created a piece of technology for  use in the fashion industry.  2. Developed a platform that fashion  brands approve of.  3. Claimed back on this innovation.