Manchester construction company claim a total of £50k in innovation

The construction industry is just one of many that should check if they are eligible to claim innovation tax relief on products and services that they have developed.  Based in Manchester, we were contacted by a local manufacturer who wanted to check if they were eligible to claim.

Innovative ideas in the construction sector:

New materials

There is an increase in low-carbon and sustainable construction materials are becoming increasingly common. One company developed a material with a catalyst surface which they say ‘eats’ pollution.  Made from titanium dioxide, its natural reaction to ultraviolet light means it can remove pollutants from the air, surfaces, and water. This material has a huge societal benefit, as titanium dioxide is non-toxic and keeps buildings clean, reducing maintenance and the use of harsh chemicals.


Researchers at the University of Cape Town in South Africa have developed a zero-waste building material made from urine as an alternative to kiln-fired bricks. Whereas regular bricks require immense heat and produce vast quantities of carbon dioxide, bio-bricks are made from moulds at room temperature.  This process creates nitrogen and potassium, by-products which are useful as fertiliser, and means the process is zero -waste.

The business

1. Developed prototypes and carried out  trials.  2. Created specific software for their  industry.  3. Which allowed them to claim £50k to reinvest in new solutions.

Our client develops and manufactures windows, doors, and roofing solutions using computer-controlled machinery